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Esa Enai – #2 – אשא עיני

Ira Weisburd – 2008 – אירה וויסבורד
[youtube cjUNUHKTTlQ]
[youtube 6tTsCwXSWjE]
[youtube meWzGN67ic0]
Choreographer Ira Weisburd introducing his newest ISRAELI Circle Dance called “ESA ENAI” at Sasha’s Folkdance Reunion/ Celebration at the Workmen’s Circle in Manhattan on Monday, August 31, 2009. The song is from the 121st Psalm (A Song of Ascents):
Esa enai el he’harim – I lift my eyes to the hills
Meayin yavo ezri – Whence comes my help?
Ezri meim hashem My – help is from the Lord
Ose shamayim va’aretz – Creator of heaven and earth.

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