LONDON ZAZZA – December 29th , 2012

London ZAZZA!
London’s moving… to Essex!

My Big Fat Israeli Dancing Camp
with Gadi Bitton, Yaron Ben Simchon, Yaron Carmel & Eran Bitton

Saturday 29 Dec 2012 – Tuesday 1 Jan 2013
(with an optional extra of Friday 28 Dec)

Five Lakes Crowne Plaza Hotel & Resort
Near Colchester
Essex, England

It’s a camp!

is a camp featuring Gadi Bitton, Yaron Carmel, Yaron Ben Simchon & Eran Bitton. The same dream team of last year needs little introduction to UK and European dancers. All four have visited London in recent years and took us to new levels in ZAZZA! 2011 – these guys are wonderful teachers, creative choreographers and truly a merry bunch!

Produced by our Eran with the support of Strictly Israeli Dancing and friends, last year’s camp in Brighton had 132 people from the UK and 13 other countries. It was a fine New Year’s celebration! See slideshow of highlights here.

We are proud of our achievements over the past 7 years in delivering workshops, parties and events to the London crowd and to visitors – we promise you there’s still lots up our sleeves to look forward to…!
zazza [za-za] -verb
In Hebrew: “is moving” – present, singular, feminine; lazooz – to move

zazzy [zaz-ee] -adjective
A cross between “zany”, “pizazz”, “jazzy” and “snazzy” to create an adjective suggesting that something is too great to be confined to one word.
“Did you hear about that trip to Holland? Everyone’s coming back saying it was completely zazzy!”